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Tiered Tray Orders are now open!

Please let me know if you’d like:

A. Love/ Home/ This is Us kit

B. School kit

C. Thanksgiving Kit

D. Scarecrow kit

E. Bless this house kit

F. The Tray (not assembled)

G. 12 bottles of paint for $10.

Kits are $25 each (this month then go up to $30 next).

Tray is $40 (one time purchase but if you have something at home that will work, that’s fine too!)

Paint is 12 bottles for $10.00 or $1.00 per colour. Paint colours are black, white, cream, grey, pink, red, green, blue, orange, teal, yellow and purple.

Each kit will come with super glue, paint brushes, instructions and are cut out of 1/8” MDF.

Tiered Tray Kits- more options

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